Dr. Kohani, a Harvard trained physician, provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to health and well being. Combining the worlds of traditional medicine with functional nutrition and natural approaches, she offers personalized healthcare to address your specific needs.

Rather than treating your symptoms with strong pharmaceutical medications, Dr. Kohani will first make every attempt to find the underlying cause for your symptom and she will then target your therapy at the root of the problem using the most natural and holistic approaches.

Areas of Expertise 

Women’s Hormonal Balance
Improving PMS, menopausal symptoms, abnormal vaginal bleeding, decreased libido and energy, abnormal weight gain, insomnia, depression in the most natural manner possible.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
An individualized approach to determine if hormone replacement therapy is right for you and which form of therapy is safest for you.

Energy & Vitality
Optimizing your body’s cellular energy production with the use of appropriate vitamins and supplements.

Proper testing for correct diagnosis and use of adaptogenic herbs and vitamins to restore the function of your adrenal glands, often a hidden source of fatigue.

Metabolic Regulation & Weight Management
Correcting underlying deficiencies to improve metabolism by using appropriate natural remedies.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Dr. Kohani works closely with a number of specialists in the field of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which is an important element in Mind-Body Medicine. It is a complement, not a substitute, for whatever medical treatments a person may be receiving. Participants in the MBSR Program learn to develop specific skills for paying attention and for deep relaxation, and to apply these in daily situations.

Mood, Insomnia, and Memory
Enhancing cognitive function and improving mild cases of depression and anxiety through proper diet and nutritional supplements.

Thyroid Dysfunction
Proper testing to determine if you are in need of optimizing your thyroid function, a critical gland that is often overlooked and underestimated.

Personalized Health Planning
Creating a personalized health plan that is as responsive to your initial concerns as they are to your changing health needs.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction
Moving beyond statins to use natural and effective approaches to improve your cholesterol and decrease your overall cardiac risks.

Preventive Medicine
Helping you identify your risk for disease and giving you information that can help protect you from illness.

Wellness Enhancement
Starting with a comprehensive evaluation to look at underlying causes of your symptoms and using evidence based natural supplements, vitamins and medicinal herbs to enhance your wellness and improve your body’s innate healing ability.

Cancer Prevention Strategies
Proper nutritional interventions designed to lower your risk of certain types of cancer and protect your genes from deadly mutations and DNA from environmental toxins.

Conventional & CAM Treatments
Using alternative approaches, such as massage, osteopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy, with the appropriate integration of all effective therapies under the supervision of an experienced and well trained physician.

Immune Enhancement
Enhancing your body’s innate ability to heal and to recover from illnesses.

Men’s Hormonal Balance
Improving sexual dysfunction, depression, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety using safe and effective natural approaches.

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7629 Girard Avenue C3
La Jolla, CA 92037

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