Skin Care and Skin Care Products

Skin Care Your skin is a mirror of your health and well-being. A healthy life-style, complimented with good skin care will preserve the radiance of your skin through time. To achieve the result you expect, we have critically evaluated several skin care products. We only carry products that we believe in and would use ourselves. Prior to starting on any of our products, we offer a complimentary consultation to choose the right product for you. Also we request that you periodically return, so we can make adjustments to your treatments. Good skin care will result in a gradual improvement. Sometimes we will recommend other treatments such microdermabrasion or surgery to achieve more dramatic results. Our goal though, is to achieve a lasting result with the least amount of side effects and downtime. Please click on the links below to find out more about the individual skin care lines.

Obagi NuDerm System
Obagi CRX System
Professional C Serum
NIA24 Skin Care

To complement and further improve the results of our skin care products, we now offer skin resurfacing using the DiamondTome Peel. This new method of microdermabrasion provides you with a noticeable improvement of the health of your skin with almost no downtime.

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