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Plastic Surgery with Dr. Samimi

At RevivaMed Plastic Surgery we believe that

Beauty is a reflection of health and inner well-being.We offer a wide range of treatments and services to achieve the best results possible.

Providing the most natural results in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Augmentation & LiftLiposculptureTummy TuckFace Lift & Eyelid SurgeryRinoplastyBotoxSoft Tissue FillersSkin Care Products & Services

Plastic Surgery

Integrative Medicine with Dr. Kohani

Trust a Harvard Trained Physician For All Your

Comprehensive health care using integrative health practices, natural herbs, supplements and bio-identical hormone therapy.

Optimizing your health and well-being using a personalized state-of-the-art-approach

Bio-Identical Hormone TherapyBreast Cancer DefenseImmune EnhancementFatigue – Nutritional EnhancementHormonal BalancePreventative Medicine

Integrative Medicine