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``Safe Plastic Surgery``

Dr. Samimi gives advice in a KUSI interview on Safe Plastic Surgery. Dr. Samimi has several tips for those considering plastic surgery. This live interview was aired on KUSI, a local San Diego TV station.

``Sun Damage Prevention``

Dr. Samimi discusses different options to prevent sun damage. This aired live on KUSI Inside San Diego News talkshow. This news segment can be viewed here.

``Tissue Expansion``

This report, which aired on KUAT, covers Dr. Samimi’s experience in using tissue expansion to help restore the appearance of several patients. Please click on the picture below to watch.

``Better Breast Reconstruction``

This documentary shows a number of Dr. Samimi’s patients who underwent breast reconstruction and how it changed their lifes. This was broadcast throughout North America, including Southern California, on a number of different TV stations.

``Fixing the Skin``

To restore the appearance of a child afflicted with a birth defect, is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being a plastic surgeon. This documentary shows two of Dr. Samimi’s young patients who underwent a series of operations. This report was produced by Ivanhoe Broadcasting and featured on TV stations throughout the United States.

``Safety of Silicone Breast Implants``

Following the initial approval of silicone breast implants by the FDA, Dr. Samimi was interviewed about possible safety concerns with these new implants. As a long-time participant in the Mentor Silicone Implant Adjunct Study, he has had considerable experience in the use of silicone breast implants. This report was aired on CBS-affiliate KOLD in Arizona.

``Plastic Surgery without Surgery``

Most recent advances in plastic surgery have been in non-surgical procedures such as Botox and soft tissue fillers. In this report, Dr. Samimi is interviewed about these new treatments and also shown performing these procedures. This was produced and broadcast by KUAT, a PBS-affiliate.

``Oscar Ceremony``

Following the 1998 Academy Awards, Dr. Samimi is interviewed by the CBS-affiliate for his role in the Oscar winning documentary “A Story of Healing”.

``Body Contouring after Gastric Bypass``

This news report features one of Dr. Samimi’s patients who had previously undergone a gastric bypass procedure and then had lost a significant amount of weight. It shows Dr. Samimi performing an abdominoplasty and thigh lift and was aired on the local NBC affiliate.

``Phoenix Talk Radio``

Dr. Samimi is interviewed about advances in plastic surgery. This was a live interview for this radio station.

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