Skin Care Treatment

Skin Care

Skin care treatment that rejuvenates and provides you with a flawless face can be attained with the assistance of Dr. Samimi and Dr. Kohani at RevivaMed. Bringing youthfulness and vibrancy to your skin with quality care and attention to detail.

The professional staff at RevivaMed. starts off with a consultation and recommendations of steps you should take to protect your skin. Once the optimal skin care treatment has been recommended, the appointment and treatment process can begin.

If your treatment requires multiple visits, a schedule is provided for your treatment dates. Skin care treatment questions can be asked during your visit or online by contacting us.

Skin Care Products

RevivaMed provides skin care treatment products that help keep your skin rejuvenated and moisturized while providing ultimate protection and minerals that aide in the healing process.

Blemishes and imperfections can all be rewritten with consistent treatment and some of the most worldwide known quality skin care products. The RevivaMed team will help you find the perfect blend of products for your specific needs. Not all skins are created equal and with this in mind, the RevivaMed team focuses on your tailored recommendations.

Some of the skin care products you can find and purchase at RevivaMed includes a long list of Obagi Skin Care products, NIA24 and much more.