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Body Lift and Liposuction at RevivaMed

RevivaMed: Helping Mothers Regain Back their Self-Esteem

Dr. Kian Samimi has an excellent history of giving back to the less fortunate. In 1997, he joined two other plastic surgeons who traveled around Vietnam and performed countless corrective procedures to poverty stricken children. The Vietnam War put a toll on these kids who were born with deformities. It would have been impossible for them to pay for these very expensive procedures, and they would have likely lived their entire lives with these debilitating conditions....

Beach Body Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery Procedure

Mommy Makeover: What are the Top Plastic Surgery Options for New Moms?

A 2013 survey published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal titled “Factors Influencing Patient Interest in Plastic Surgery and the Process of Selecting a Surgeon” revealed that out of 100 respondents none were concerned about how others viewed them about undergoing plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is now widely available to most people, not just the ones with well to do lifestyles and disposable income. ...