RevivaMed: Helping Mothers Regain Back Their Self-Esteem

When You’re Feeling Down, RevivaMed Can Lift Your Spirits!

RevivaMed, with clinics in San Diego and La Jolla, is extending its Summer Day specials until the end of September as a way of giving back to its loyal customers.

Opened by Dr. Kian Samimi MD, FACS, Ph. D. and his wife, Dr. Roya Kohani, an expert in integrative medicine, RevivaMed quickly gained a reputation for offering superior quality service at very affordable prices. With their new promo, the clinic is making its services more accessible to the public than ever before.

Dr. Samimi is committed to changing all the myths and fallacies regarding plastic surgery. While the social stigma has admittedly waned over the last decade or two, some potential patients may feel anxiety visiting a cosmetic surgery clinic for the first time.

One of the many promos offered by RevivaMed are discounted prices on XEOMIN, a procedure that is similar to Botox but without any other additives except for Botulinum toxin. Patients may also take advantage of the Nano Micro Pen System which refines the skin, addresses acne, shrinks enlarged pores, and lightens pigmentation.

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Special Offers With No Limits!

Other procedures and products with huge discounts and add-ons during the promo period are Microdermabrasion and Kybella treatment, which is perfect to get rid of double-chins. Dermal filler procedures like the Juvederm Volluma and Juvederm Ultra Plus will help smoothen the face and make the patient look more youthful and beautiful by adding volume to their cheeks, around the mouth, and lips. It also helps correct the fine lines under the eyelids.

Before each procedure, Dr. Samimi will interview the patient to determine what he or she wants. While taking into considering the individual’s personal preferences, the plastic surgeon will make a decision based on his experience to recommend the best procedure that will enhance the looks of the patient while keeping realistic results in mind. The goal is to get a beautiful natural look.

Dr. Samimi and his team at RevivaMed specialize in complex procedures that other doctors may find challenging. Problem solving and the inherent need to help others can be attributed to his years of experience in the plastic surgery field.

A Story Of Healing

Dr. Kian Samimi has an excellent history of giving back to the less fortunate. In 1997, he joined two other plastic surgeons who traveled around Vietnam and performed countless corrective procedures to poverty stricken children. The Vietnam War put a toll on these kids who were born with deformities. It would have been impossible for them to pay for these very expensive procedures, and they would have likely lived their entire lives with these debilitating conditions.

Their experience was actually the subject of a documentary titled “A Story of Healing,” which was released in 1998. The documentary earned an Oscar award.

While the surgeons helped hundreds of Vietnamese kids and their families, the experience also changed Dr. Samimi on a personal level. It helped hone his skills due to the fact that hey had to peform these complex surgical procedures using very rudimentary tools. More importantly, it confirmed the reason why he became a plastic surgeon in the first place—to change other people’s lives and give them hope once again.

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