In the end, it is the satisfaction and well-being of the patient that supersedes all. The comments below are the authentic and unedited perspectives of RevivaMed patients.

It has been eighteen months since I discovered Dr. Kohani. I can finally say that there is a doctor who has saved my life. My two “FDA-approved-today-until-it-is-taken-off-the market” doctors both tried to convince me to take synthetic hormone replacement. However, I knew better, thus began my search for bio-identical.

I was only 55, but felt 80, my hair was falling out, I was constantly angry, gaining weight, and much more. Now I feel 30, my hair is double the thickness, and I am happy.

I have also had phenomenal success with the Standard Process cleanse that Dr. Kohani recommended. I started the cleanse eight weeks ago, and to date have lost 14 pounds, and am working out three times a week. Prior to the cleanse, I was taking two Aleeve, twice a day, for my surgically repaired Meniscus knee. After the first seven days of the cleanse, my knee stopped hurting, and I can even ride the Elliptical at the gym. Amazing!

My insurance did not cover any of Dr. Kohani’s services, but this is truly the best money that I have ever spent. I thank God for you Dr. Kohani, and tell EVERY woman I meet how wonderful you are.

~ Nanette F.

Dr. Kohani, thank you so much for giving me a “normal” life once again. About two years ago, I began looking into bioidential hormones because of the cancer problems that were seemingly linked to synthetic hormones. Whether breast and other cancers are indeed linked to synthetic hormones or not, for peace of mind, I wanted to search out possible alternatives. For a year, I tried hormone creams with little to no relief from my symptoms: hot flashes, lack of libido, sleeplessness and irritability.

In early 2008, I developed symptoms of heart problems. I went through extensive testing and was told it was anxiety and that I needed to calm myself and relax (a condition that was later and surprisingly eased by hormone pellets). Easier said than done. That was when I was very fortunately directed to you as a doctor of internal medicine who practiced holistic as well as conventional medicine.

During our first visit, you suggested I look into bioidential hormone pellets. You explained the process and that this form of hormone therapy had been used in Europe for many years. I did some research and decided to give it a try. After all, what did I have to lose? I couldn’t feel much more miserable.

You inserted my first pellets a year ago. Within a very short time, the hot flashes were GONE! and I was sleeping better, my libido had returned (much to my and my husband’s delight), and anxiety and a mild depression that I didn’t realize I had, improved dramatically. The world just seemed brighter.

I just had my third pellet insertion. I’ve found this to be a simple process that takes only about a half hour or so and results in only very mild (if any) discomfort. The first time you performed the procedure, the area around the incision was a little more sensitive than it has been the subsequent two times.

When we initially began this method of therapy, you said that everyone differs in how long the pellets last before needing to be replaced. I’m delighted that mine seems to last about five months. The first time they needed to be replaced, I began to feel very mild hot flashes. I called your office and made an appointment to have new pellets inserted. The symptoms went away within a couple of days. This time, I felt a little irritable but no hot flashes. Again, the symptoms went away within a couple of days.

Perhaps I don’t feel the same as a 25 or 30 year-old, but that’s okay; feeling like I did at 40 or 45 is fine with me. Thank you so much for working with women’s health issues, making it possible for us to fully enjoy life again.

~ Netty

Once she is discovered, you won’t be able to get an appointment with her.

Roya Kohani, MD offers that rare combination of caring, experience and excellent not often found in today’s medical profession. She always takes the time to address my needs and never makes me feel rushed or patronized. After working with Dr. Kohani last spring, I knew I wanted her to care for my overall health and “fired” my previous doctor. I have never regretted that decision.

~ Lisa G.

In February of 2008 I began looking for a doctor to work with me for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Dr. Roya Kohani was recommended by a pharmacist who works with several other doctors who also do bio-identical HRT. His comment was, “Once she is discovered, you won’t be able to get an appointment with her. She is that good.” Since bio-identical HRT is not covered by my HMO, I am paying out of pocket and thus have the freedom to pick the doctor I want. I interviewed three before I chose one to work with. Dr. Kohani’s credentials are stellar, and when she mentioned an internship with Dr. Andrew Weil that sealed it for me. I need two attributes in a doctor: an excellent medical background in the particular specialty and a demeanor that radiates genuine kindness and concern for me as a patient. Dr. Kohani has both of these in abundance. I am so glad I chose her.

After an initial meeting, I began the therapy in March 2008 with a list of “problems” I wanted to resolve:

difficulty sleeping
no libido
vaginal dryness
thinning and drying skin
very light sensitive eyes that frequently hurt
achy bones
no motivation to do much – a diminishing passion for life
a short attention span – I want to hurry on to the next thing rather than enjoy what I am doing at the moment
diminishing balance and flexibility

I have been VERY pleased with the results of the therapy and extremely happy working with Dr. Kohani. I just feel I am in excellent caring hands. The topper is that my husband who is NOT a lover of doctors is also seeing Dr. Kohani and has many of the same feelings about her as his doctor. I am, indeed, glad I found her.

~ Bobbi

I had a full hysterectomy in 2005 and given artificial hormones after a couple of years of just not feeling right, my gyne…never changed the hormones said try skipping a day of taking them?…. Anyways at 46 I felt I should be feeling better than I did, so after visiting Dr. Kohani in April 2009… First step was a full blood panel and consult, which showed many results and inadequacies.. Dr. Kohani prescriped a bio-identical compound cream, and specific vitamins for my needs, after first couple of weeks I already felt better… At my 3 month check up, I was like a new woman… not bloated, had energy, no chest discomfort. With this new energy I had started excercising and made a strong effort to loose weight, and had lost 13 pounds…. I am now due for my 6 month check, new blood check and I can’t wait to see the results and tell the doc I have now lost 19 lbs, I feel and look younger than I have in years… Thank you Dr. Kohani for listening.

~ Julie

I am pleased to share my experiences as a patient of Dr. Roya Kohani. After suffering from intractable physical and emotional fatigue, absent libido, and a tenuous marriage influenced by the former symptoms for 20 years, I found Dr. Kohani. I experienced a warm, insightful, highly intelligent, physician who readily used her integrative medical training, and her caring approach to research and treat the source of my ailments. I stress the word source.

I feel better about myself, my marriage, and my participation in life than I have for many years. Dr. Kohani is a beautiful synthesis of the art and science of healing.

~ Julie (Registered Nurse)